John Draper is an American computer programmer and former phone phreak. In 1971 discovered a serious flaw in the American ATT network, enabling anyone to grab operator level control over the network by using a whistle that came in a cereal box named “Captain Crunch”, hence his nickname. This unwanted attention by the authorities resulted in his arrest in May, 1972 as the result of a publication of the Oct 1971 issue "secrets of the little blue box".
While serving time, he developed the first word processor program for Apple II and IBM PC, the EasyWriter. After his sentence, Draper continued developing software in later years, taking his last corporate position with Autodesk in the late 1980s to help develop their 3D graphic design systems.
Currently, John is now retired, and just completed his narrated biography entitled: "Beyond the little blue box". He is now back on the speaking circuit, delivering talks about his stories and teaching about Operational Security (OpSec), privacy, communication security, and financial security.