Amal Graafstra

Adventure technologist and biohacker Amal Graafstra has always been interested in technology. In 2005 he became the world’s first double RFID implantee. Amal had two small RFID transponders implanted, one into each hand, and he still uses them to open doors, start his vehicles, log into his computer, and operate his implant activated smartgun. Since implanting himself, he’s written a book called RFID Toys, become a TEDx speaker, appeared on a multitude of television programs, and been the subject of various documentaries. He's also started a biohacking company called Dangerous Things which developed the world’s first and only NFC compliant implantable transponder. He continues to explore biohacking and transhumanism while developing next generation implantable technologies from his Seattle based offices.

Palestra: Biohacking Digital Identity

With disastrous data breeches and identify theft on the rise, securing your digital identity and data are serious problems. Amal Graafstra discusses how he's biohacked a solution. Amal first popularized human implantable RFID transponders by implanting one in his left hand in 2005, writing the book RFID Toys, and founding biohacking company Dangerous Things. Now he's is pioneering the field of cryptobionics by creating an implantable java card secure element called VivoKey. Come see the future of digital security!